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DevOps / Cloud Computing


CAT S22 Flip as iPhone replacement in 2024
·1979 words·10 mins
workflow my experience hardware
I bought a 2019 (not so dumb) feature phone in the year 2024. Here is why I did so and if it could replace my Apple iPhone 15 Pro.
Passwordless Azure PostgreSQL with Terraform and connection via Container App
·1267 words·6 mins
devops azure database terraform
How to create an Azure PostgreSQL instance without public access and passwords using Terraform while ensuring security. Additionally, I will explain how to access this database from a container app using access tokens.
How to not accidentally delete your data with rm
·598 words·3 mins
workflow linux shell
In this blog post, I want to illustrate technical and “organizational” strategies to prevent you from accidentally deleting your $HOME (guess who has achieved this medal 🙈).
Hands-on Nomad
·1592 words·8 mins
devops tools cloud docker
I have been working with Kubernetes as a container orchestration tool for years. Although I think Kubernetes is a great tool if it solves the issues it was meant to solve it also comes with, at least one 😀, issue - Kubernetes is a complex tool to operate and to work with. In this post, I describe my first steps to get in touch with Nomad by HashiCorp, which promises to be less complex than Kubernetes.
Patching Binaries for NixOS
·543 words·3 mins
tools workflow nixos
In this blog post, I want to describe a workaround how to get downloaded binaries to work on NixOS.